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Hannah was an absolute joy to work with when we moved into our new house. She is extremely talented and presented us with unique pieces that fit our budget and style. Our home is warm and inviting and I love every aspect of it.

Mandy C.

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Design or rennovate

Anticipating a renovation? Needing to redo a kitchen or bath and have no idea where to start? Let me help you modify or design a layout, select paint and other surface finishes and convey all of this to your contractor. I’ll help you as much as you need, from tying your selections all together to coming up with it all from scratch.



Don’t tell me- you have a junk drawer for an office! Or even worse: your bedroom! That’s ok- I’ll be glad to help, no judgement, only happy thoughts and a well organized result. If your house just doesn’t feel like it’s flowing well, or you just can’t seem to declutter- let me help! I’ll be glad to go through things with you and prioritize what makes its way back in so that you have a well designed, simplified life.



So you have a house and things you love, but you just have a tense relationship with where things are living. Great! I can help! Let me help you love your home all over again. I’ll come over and create a plan with you to re-design your home. You can either implement the plan yourself, or I’ll be glad to help you do it.


Stage your home

If you're trying to move and you're daunted by the selling process: give me a call. I'll help you to pair down the clutter and re-present your furniture and your home in a way that is instantly attractive to buyers. I'll give you tips for showings and make sure this is one less headache on your plate!

move in


You're over the hump of selling your house and moving, but now you have to unpack all those boxes! And where does it all go!?! Allow me to save you months of frustration by helping you unpack, organize, hang up your pictures and feel at home. This is perfect for busy professionals and stay-at-home moms with too much on their hands.



When we’ve decided what’s staying and what’s going, there will be holes left. Or maybe you just have big holes to start with! I can help facilitate an enjoyable experience out as we shop to collect items that will amplify the comfort and beauty of your home. I never aim to fill up- only enhance. And if you don’t have the time, I can shop for you and stage your home for your approval. Whatever you love stays and the rest goes back!

Hannah made it easy for me to make decisions about the color palette and decorative pieces for my living room. Not only did she guide the process but she took the time to listen to my style/preferences and even went shopping with me, encouraging me to buy pieces that I would not have purchased on my own. Working with Hannah was like working with a best friend. She made decorating a fun, stress free adventure. My new living room is more beautiful than I ever thought it could be!

Elizabeth H.

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What a treat it was for me to get to have Hannah come into my home and make it feel new again. I gave Hannah free reign to move anything and everything. When we came home that evening we felt like we had come home to a place that was fresh and new. She put furniture in places I would never have thought of doing. Our whole downstairs flowed together beautifully. It was obvious that she had spent a lot of time and love in creating the space. I still love it today!

Patty M.

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